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How to Play Aviator Game – Full Guide

On this page you will find the most detailed guide to the Aviator game. Our experts have laid everything out in simple language so that even beginners can easily understand how to play this slot. We will not only tell you about the Aviator rules, but also share our personal experience and real-life examples so that you can start playing with confidence.

Aviator Game Rules

The most important thing you need to know in Aviator is the rules of the game. Let’s consider absolutely all the nuances:

Aim of the Game

Your main objective in Aviator is to place your bet and collect your winnings in time. The game simulates the flight of an aeroplane, and your goal is to «eject» (i.e. collect your winnings) before the aeroplane flies off the screen.

Aim of the aviator

Starting a round

Before each round, you have time (about 10 seconds) to place your bet. You can place one or two bets of different sizes. Once all players have placed their bets, the flight begins.

Start play

Game progress

When the plane takes off, you will see the multiplier on the screen grow. This multiplier shows how many times your bet can increase. For example, if at a multiplier of 3.00x you take the winnings, you will receive triple your bet.

how to play aviator

Cash Out

At any time during your flight you can press the Cash Out button. This locks in your winnings at the current odds. The main thing is to manage to do this before the plane disappears.

Cash Out

Round Ending

The round ends when the plane flies away. If you haven’t managed to collect your winnings before then, your bet is burned. The flight time in each round is random and unpredictable.

Round Ending


The multiplier starts at 1.00x and can grow to very high values — 1000x and even higher (yes, we saw it with our own eyes as the plane flew up to 1300x). By the way, the Aviator highest fly we found was 12,819,67x! The longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier.

aviator highest fly


The autoplay feature allows you to set an automatic withdrawal when a certain multiplier is reached. This is handy if you want to play the same strategy for a long time.


Betting limits

The minimum bet is 10 cents, or 8 INR. The maximum is $100. In our experience, in all casinos available for India and beyond, the limits do not change.

Betting limits

Rounds History

In the game, statistics of previous rounds are available. This can help you analyse trends, although remember that each round is independent and random.

aviator rules

In-game Chat

If you are going to play Aviator game for money then you will have access to the chat room (there is no chat room in the demo version). There you can chat with other players and share your successes or strategies with them.


How to Play Aviator: Instructions with Real Examples

Let’s break down each step of the Aviator game. We will give you clear instructions with game examples and show you how we play. This will help you quickly learn the mechanics of the game and understand how to make decisions in real rounds.

Game StageInstructionsOur Real Experience
1. Entering the GameGo to the Aviator game section on a trusted casino website. Make sure you have enough funds in your account to play.We chose 1win casino, as we really like the conditions they offer for players from India. We deposited 100$ — this should be enough to play. Then we entered Aviator. Our goal is to at least double our balance to 200$ — believe us, it’s quite possible.
2. Choosing a StrategyDecide on your game strategy before starting. It can be a single bet strategy, a double bet strategy, or any other approach.We chose a double bet strategy, as it allows us to:
— Split the risks between two bets
— Have the opportunity to cash out part of the winnings earlier
— Potentially increase the overall winnings due to a riskier second bet
3. Placing BetsChoose the bet amount according to your strategy.Following our chosen strategy, we placed two bets: 5$ and 3$. The first bet is a bit higher to increase our balance faster, the second one is for additional risk.
4. Waiting for the Round to StartAfter placing your bets, wait for the new round to start.Bets are placed, we see the countdown. We take a deep breath and get ready for the start.
5. Flight StartWhen the plane takes off, the multiplier starts to increase. Watch it grow on the screen.The plane took off. We are closely watching the multiplier: 1.2x, 1.5x, 1.8x, 2.1x…
6. Making a DecisionDecide when to cash out your winnings. Remember to balance the risk and potential winnings.At 2.5x, we decide to cash out the first bet of 5$. We keep the second bet, taking a risk for a bigger win.
7. Withdrawing FundsQuickly press the «Cash Out» button when you decide to lock in your winnings.We quickly press «Cash Out» for the first bet at 2.5x. We get 12.5$ (5$ * 2.5). We still hold the second bet.
8. Analyzing the ResultAfter the round ends, evaluate the result and think about the strategy for the next round.The round ended at 4x. We managed to cash out the second bet (3$) at 3.8x, receiving 11.4$ (3$ * 3.8). The total winnings for the round are 23.9$ with an initial bet of 8$. We were lucky, as we could have lost if we hadn’t cashed out in time! We decide to stick to this strategy for a few more rounds.
9. Unsuccessful RoundNot everything always goes according to plan. Sometimes the plane flies away before you can press «Cash Out».In the next round, the plane suddenly flew off at 1.5x. We lost both bets. This reminds us of the importance of responsible gambling and the need to control our emotions.
10. Repeat or ExitDecide whether to continue playing or stop. Gamble responsibly and within your budget.After several successful rounds, our balance has grown to 210$. We not only reached our goal of doubling the initial balance but exceeded it! We decide to stop while we’re ahead.

Tips for playing

On our website in the Aviator game strategies and tips section you will find a detailed breakdown of various strategies, tactics and tricks. Be sure to check out this article for an in-depth understanding of the slot. In the meantime, let’s share the top five tips we wish we had when we first started playing:

Always start with the demo mode

We’ve spent countless hours playing the Aviator demo, and we think it’s an invaluable experience. By playing for free, you’ll easily understand how to play Aviator, try out different strategies and get to grips with the slot.

Don’t chase high multipliers

Our experience shows that it’s better to win little by little, but more often. We’ve often seen players lose everything trying to catch multipliers of x100 and above without thinking twice. If you want to win big, then follow our high multipliers strategy, which, by the way, was personally developed by our site’s main author two years ago.

Start with small bets

When we first started out, we quickly realised the value of this advice. Small stakes allow you to stay in the game longer, get a better feel for its rhythm and gain experience without serious losses.

Don’t believe in predictors and hacks

We have thoroughly researched this topic and can say with certainty: there are no working predictors for Aviator. The game uses a robust random number generation system. Any promises to «hack» the game are a scam that can lead to losing money.

Play responsibly

This is perhaps the most important tip from our experience. We always set limits on the time we play and the amount we are willing to spend. Aviator is just a game and you should not treat it as a way to make a permanent and stable income.

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